Update: South Pasadena location will not be mandating proof of vaccine.

Only the City of Los Angeles follows under the vaccine mandate Dine in customers must show proof of Covid vaccination. ONLY at Eagle Rock Location.

We are open both indoor and for outdoor dining* (only SP location). Online and phone ordering for pickup. No reservations, to make it fair for all, it is first come first served

NOTE:  Everyone MUST wear a mask!
Everyone's views are different. We are not here to discriminate, we are not here for politics. We are here for our families, employees and customers. We are a business with licenses and permits.  We must comply, with the constant changes. We do it for us, our employees and their families and for you, our customers! This is how we can stay OPEN. Like it or not, it is what it is and the struggle is real for everyone. Thank you for understanding, and being patient during these times. We are smiling under these masks!! COMPASSION for me, for you, for everyone.



We started our business in 2014 with one goal in mind: Providing great food and an enjoyable dining experience to the South Pasadena area. Thanks to our experience and dedication, we’ve managed to open in the Eagle Rock location, as well other restaurants in the Los Angeles area.

Modan and its sibling restaurants are founded by a partnership between husband and wife determined to provide a future for their beautiful family. This determination grew to a passion for creating delicious food, and a stubbornness for great service. 

We believe food is an experience, a memory, and a necessity in life. We take pride in our journey, and strive to keep our goal as we did from the beginning. Providing great food..